Are bugs slowing us down?

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This template is made to people who want to compare their Crashes and ANRs to:

  • Installs: am I getting fewer installs?
  • Uninstalls: are people uninstalling my app due to bugs?
  • Active Devices: are my users not coming back?
  • Subscription Sales: are my sales being affected by bugs?

The overall idea isn't to imply causation, of course. It's meant to help you see both your bugs (crashes and ANRs) stats against your main acquisition, engagement and sales metrics. You can then identify suspicious patterns where it bugs might be affecting your app's growth.

Dimensions used

From Apple:

  • Date
  • App Name

From Google:

  • Data
  • Package Name (App Name)


From Apple:

  • Product Page Views
  • Installations
  • In-App Purchases
  • Crashes

From Google:

  • Installs
  • Uninstalls
  • Active Devices
  • New Subscriptions
  • Cancelled Subscriptions

Required Connectors

App Store Connect

Google Play Console

About this template

Created by

Rômulo Gomes

First published on
June 1, 2022
Updated on
January 3, 2024


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