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BigQuery: fixed Google Earnings report

We identified that the update job of the earnings report from Google was causing previously downloaded data to be wiped out, and only the last couple of days of data were being saved.

We already fixed this error, and since the fix involved changing the "transaction date" field to the correct type, the value of this field is also being parsed to fit accordingly.

November 24, 2023 5:50 PM
Gustavo Ranzani
BigQuery consistency improvements

What happened?

Some of you noticed inconsistencies between the data output from both Looker Studio connectors and BigQuery:

  1. BigQuery: there were negative values Apple Analytics by Source reports, affecting the accuracy of the data
  2. BigQuery: the names of the measures on all App Store Analytics reports were different on BigQuery than they were on Looker Studio, making it confusing to understand what's what.
  3. Google Play Looker Studio Connector: as Google's Estimated Sales report have really higher numbers in certain currencies, that was affecting Looker's output as it couldn't handle it.

The team was quick to act uppon these issues which are now all fixed!

Required Action for our Chrome Extension users

  • Fetch your data using our Chrome Extension
  • If you're also using BigQuery, wait for the next data sync process (it runs every 30 minutes and you can follow the status on this page) to fix the measure names and the Analytics by Source data.

Thank you!

We'd like to thank you again for your involvement during our BigQuery testing. You rock! Please keep shooting your questions and potential bugs, okay? We're committed to making BigQuery stable for good so more companies can benefit from it.

November 22, 2023 4:30 PM
Gustavo Ranzani
Enhanced data fetch for Meta Ads

Now when you connect your Meta Ads account your data will be downloaded 10x faster.

This integration is under internal testing and it should be made available in the next couple days/weeks!

November 15, 2023 2:45 PM
Rômulo Gomes
Date filter offset fixed: Google Play and App Store connectors

A handful of customers noticed that their data looked different when comparing the output from BigQuery versus the Looker Studio connectors.

After a fast internal investigation, we found that the root cause was that dates were not matching up (think filtering for Oct 1-10 but seeing Oct 2-11 data).

This issue affected customers who used our Google Play and App Store connectors last week and applied a filter that would contain dates in the first and last days of the month. That's fixed now and your filters should be spot-on!

November 13, 2023 1:15 PM
Gustavo Ranzani
Changelog Release

As we've been shipping small improvements daily we decided it was time to make that transparent for you.

Stay tuned!

November 13, 2023 12:08 PM
Rômulo Gomes