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Whether you're a customer searching for a specific metric, or someone searching for a solution to get your app store's and UA data in one place, this page is dedicated to help you understand what exactly is available at Easy App Reports.

Analytics: Downloads
Download data generated on the App Store. You can use this report to understand your total number of downloads, including first-time downloads, redownloads, updates, and more.
Analytics: Discovery and Engagement
Provides details about how users engage with your apps on the App Store itself. This includes data about user engagement with your app’s icons, product pages, in-app event pages, and other install sheets.
Analytics: Purchases
Measure your total revenue generated on the App Store, attribute sales to download sources and page types, and measure how many paying users you have.
Also known as "Sales and Trends", this report is based on Units (App Installs, Redownloads, Updates, or In-App Purchase Sales) and Developer Proceeds.
Analytics: Installations and Deletions
Use the data in this report to estimate the number of times people install and delete your App Store apps.
Analytics: App Sessions
Use these reports to understand how often people open your app, and how long they spend in your app.
Trends: Subscribers
Contains subscription sales and revenue data, including Subscription Name, Duration, Country, etc, on a subscriber-level data.
List of all the Reviews your app received, inclusing its Title, Body and Star Rating. Doesn't include star ratings without written reviews.
Analytics: App Installs Performance
Use this report to help you understand your app’s installation success and failure rates.
Trends: Subscriptions
Contains subscription sales data with plenty of insights on Active Subscriptions, including a drill down in Free Trial / Standard / Pay Up Front / Pay as you Go. Includes Revenue and Proceeds data, filtered by App, Country, Subscription, Device, and more.
Trends: Subscriptions Events
Contains event-level data about subscription payments such as Activations, Renewals, Refunds, Cancellations an Reactivations.
Statistics on installs and updates, per User and Devices, for your app. Contains total amounts, new acquisitions, as well as updates.
Store Perfomance
The go-to report for ASO maniacs. Contains Visitors, Conversion Rate, and Acquisitions (Downloads) per Search Term, Traffic Source, Country, and more.
Contains all your app's reviews, as well as your developer replies. Drill down per language, device, country, and more.
This report is ideal to count the amount of Ratings your app received - as well as it's total Avg Rating.
Promotional Content
Contains statistics of your Promotional content campaigns such as Viewers, Conversions, and Outcomes.
Estimated Sales
Contains your app's Estimated over a specific period. Use it for low-latency reports.
Revenue and profits (proceeds) earned from your app's sales. Google updates this report every 30 days.
All your want to know about your New, Canceled, and Total Active subscriptions for your app.
Cancellation Reasons
Get to know why are your customers canceling their in-app subscriptions.
Contains Crashes and ANRs. Get to know how many crash or ANR-related issues your users are experiencing.