Google Ads (Beta)

Data Source

Connect your Google UAC data for a complete view of your app's acquisition funnel.

Google UAC + App Stores Data = 🧡

Easy App Reports enables you to connect your Google Ads data directly into Looker Studio or BigQuery without coding. Simply "Signin with Google", select which ad accounts you'd like to connect, and that's it!

What's on the inside?

We come from the app industry just like you. We know how important it is to go the extra mile and get every thing data point possible for your analysis, dashboards and constant decision-making. From Acquisition to Revenue, you can build the dashboard of your dreams with this connector.

Here's a list of all fields we have available for you:

Account Id Ad Group Max CPC Active View CPM
Date Ad Group Max CPM Active View CTR
Campaign Id Ad Id Active View Impressions
Campaign Name Ad Status Active View Measurability
Campaign Advertising Channel Type Ad Approval Status Active View Measurable Cost Micros
Campaign Advertising Channel Sub Type Ad Url Custom Parameters Active View Measurable Impressions
Campaign Bidding Strategy Ad Device Preference Active View Viewability
Campaign Bidding Strategy Type Ad Display Url All Conversions
Campaign Start Date Ad Final Mobile Urls All Conversions Value
Campaign End Date Ad Final Urls Average Cost
Campaign Status Ad Image Ad Average CPC
Campaign Serving Status Ad Name Average CPM
Ad Group Id Ad Tracking Url Template Clicks
Ad Group Name Ad Type CTR
Ad Group Status Ad Descriptions Impressions
Ad Group Type Ad Headlines Cost Micros

Missing a field? Feel free to open a request on our public roadmap.

Activating this connector is easy

  1. Pick a plan and sign up to Easy App Reports
  2. Connect your account via Google Login
  3. Start dashboarding!

Dashboard Like a Pro

  • All your KPIs in one place. Now on Google Looker Studio and BigQuery
  • Technical Support by experienced App & Data professionals
  • Ready-to-use templates built by app industry experts
  • 30-day money-back guarantee