Subscriptions Report

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This template was built with for subscription-based apps where we introduce the concept of "Net Subscriptions". The idea is to subsctract new from cancelled subscriptions, which provides a much better look at your growth pace.

It also contains a nice overview of your new, cancelled and subscription sales from your iOS and Android apps. We have big plans for this template. Soon it'll get these and other upgrades:

  • Split by billing cycle (week, month, 6 months and annual)
  • LTV calculations
  • LTV/CAC ratio
  • Split by country
  • Cancellation Reasons
  • Gross and Net revenue

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Dimensions used

From Apple:

  • Date
  • Title

From Google:

  • Data
  • Package Name


From Apple:

  • Units (filtered by Auto-renewable Subscriptions and Standard Subscriptions)

From Google:

  • New Subscriptions
  • Cancelled Subscriptions

Required Connectors

App Store Connect

Google Play Console

About this template

Created by

Rômulo Gomes

First published on
July 26, 2022
Updated on
January 3, 2024


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