Security and Privacy Overview

GDPR and CCA compliance at its core

The data from App Store and Google Play APIs are aggregated and statistical - as well what comes from our Chrome Extension. It's all non-personally identifiable information, meaning it cannot be used on its own to trace, or identify a person. See sections 10 and 11 of our Privacy Policy.

You can find a detailed schema of all fields and reports we offer on this page so you can check this very important information with your own eyes.

You can also find the list of subprocessors we use on this page.

About your team's personal data

All our customers are entitled to the right to erase - section 6 of our Privacy Policy.

If you ever want to leave, you just have to send us a message on the chat or an email informing your decision and requesting us to export and/or delete all your data.

Our team will complete your request within 5 business days although the law says we have 30.

Your data are sent using HTTPS and protected with SSL

Anything you save in your account - from API keys and credentials to the teammates you invite - is encrypted and sent via HTTPS.

Our customer's data account is stored in Germany, in the ISO 270001:2013 certified company, MongoDB.

We don't sell your data - and we never will

Easy App Reports is in the business of giving you access to your own data, not in the business of selling it. Period. We despise business who make fortunes on selling the data of their own paying customers to their competitors. If you've been in the app industry long enough, you know who they are.

We are privately held with zero debt, and we have no investors or board of directors. Our operation is profitable since day one. That's also why we're so strict with offering free trials: being cashflow positive is the best way to make sure we can make things right. As it turns out, If you're paying for it, you're not the product.

So when you become a customer, you're contributing to our mission to create a better industry for all of us.

Easy App Reports is proudly independent and 100% funded by its customers.

What else would you like to know?

Need more details? Reach out, our CEO replies every message we receive.