Meta Ads (Beta)

Data Source

Connect your campaign data for a complete view of your app's acquisition funnel.

Meta's UA Data + App Stores Data = 🧡

Easy App Reports enables you to connect your Meta Ads data directly into Looker Studio or BigQuery without coding. Simply "Login with Facebook", select which ad accounts you'd like to connect, and that's it!

What's on the inside?

We come from the app industry just like you. We know how important it is to go the extra mile and get every thing data point possible for your analysis, dashboards and constant decision-making. From Acquisition to Revenue, you can build the dashboard of your dreams with this connector.

Here's summarized list of all fields we have available for you:

Date Campaign Name Attribution Setting Frequency
Country Ad Name Campaign Id Full View Impressions
CPC Adset Name Canvas Avg View Percent Full View Reach
CPM Clicks Canvas Avg View Time Impressions
CPP Conversions Catalog Segment Value Inline Link Click Ctr
CTR Spend Cost Action Type Inline Link Clicks
Conv. Rate Ranking Canvas Avg View % Cost Per Conversion Inline Post Engag.
Conversion Values Canvas Avg View Time Conv. Rate Ranking Instant Exp. To Open
Account Id Catalog Segment Value Conversion Values Instant Exp. To Start
Account Status Clicks Cost Per Thruplay Instant Exp. Outbound
Account Spent Cost Action Type Cost Unique Action Type Mobile App Purchase Roas
Account Balance Cost Per Conversion Cost Per Unique Click Objective
Adset Id Cost Inline Link Click Cost Unique Inline Click Optimization Goal
Account Currency Cost Inline Post Engag. Cost Unique Click Outbound Clicks
Engagement Rate Ranking Cost Outbound Click Dda Results Outbound Clicks Ctr
Cost Outbound Click Cost Thruplay Video P100 Actions Purchase Roas
Account Name Cost Unique Action Video P25 Actions Qualifying Question Rate
Account Currency Cost Unique Click Video P50 Watched Actions Quality Ranking
Account Id Cost Inline Link Click Video P75 Watched Actions Reach
Action Values Cost Unique Outbound Click Video P95 Actions Social Spend
Actions Cost Inline Link Click Video Play Actions Video30 Sec Actions
Ad Id Cost Inline Post Engag. Website Ctr Video Avg Time Actions

Missing a field? Feel free to open a request on our public roadmap.

Activating this connector is easy

  1. Pick a plan and sign up to Easy App Reports
  2. Connect your account via Facebook Login
  3. Start dashboarding!

Dashboard Like a Pro

  • All your KPIs in one place. Now on Google Looker Studio and BigQuery
  • Technical Support by experienced App & Data professionals
  • Ready-to-use templates built by app industry experts
  • 30-day money-back guarantee