App Store

Data Source

Connect your Apple Developer Account and automatically import all your app's data to Data Studio.

With Easy App Reports you can sync all your app's data into Data Studio, giving you the ability to explore your data in any way you want.

Here's what exactly you'll be able to import:

  • App Units (installs), updates and re-downloads
  • All your app's Sales (in-app purchases), doesn't matter if you sell subscriptions or individual IAPs, everything will be there
  • Revenue and Developer Proceeds so you know exactly what you're making from your apps

There's also many different ways that you can slice your data to make it more interesting: by country, device, category, subscription type, order type, version, client and currency.

Explore the "Metrics and Dimensions" tab to explore full list of all fields we have available for you.

👇 What you'll find when you activate your App Store connector


  • Title
  • Country
  • Category
  • Client
  • Currency
  • Device
  • Category
  • CMB
  • Developer
  • Subscription Type
  • Order Type
  • Parent Identifier
  • Promo Code
  • Customer Currency
  • Version


  • Units (App Units, In-App Purchases, Updates and re-downloads)
  • Developer Proceeds
  • Customer Price