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Data Source

Connect your Apple Developer Account and automatically import your app's data.

Your iOS data, now on Looker Studio or BigQuery

Easy App Reports enables you to connect your App Store data directly into Looker Studio or BigQuery without coding. You can either setup an API connection with a few clicks (and the help of your team via the chat) or go beyond and use our proprietary Chrome Extension to fetch data that's not available on the API, like the Analytics report.

What's on the inside?

We come from the app industry just like you. We know how important it is to go the extra mile and get every thing data point possible for your analysis, dashboards and constant decision-making. From Acquisition to Revenue, you can build the dashboard of your dreams with this connector.

Here's summarized list with links to the wikis so you can dig deeper into all fields we have available for you:

Trends Title App Installs Order Type
Country In-App Purchases Parent Identifier
Category Redownloads Promo Code
Version Updated Customer Currency
Device Developer Proceeds Client
Category Customer Price Currency
Developer Period CMB
Analytics Date App Name Country
Impressions App Version Page Type
Product Page Views Updates Source Type
Conversion Rate Sessions Product Page
Total Downloads Active Devices Crashes
First-Time Downloads Redownloads SKU
Installations Uninstalls (Deletions)
Reviews Review Title Created Date Country
Review Body App Name Adam ID
Reviewer Nickname Rating
Subscription Events Event Date Country Entered Billing Retry
Refunds Device Enter Billing Grace Period
Renewals Subscription Name Renewals Grace Period
Activations App Name Conv. to Standard Pricing
Cancellations Apple ID and Group ID More: Subscriber Report
Reactivations Entered Billing Retry More: Subscritpion Report

Missing a field? Feel free to open a request on our public roadmap.

Activating this connector is easy

  1. Pick a plan and sign up to Easy App Reports
  2. Setup your App Store connector by adding your API keys [requires Admin access to App Store Connect]
  3. Use our Magic Templates to visualize your data

Dashboard Like a Pro

  • All your KPIs in one place. Now on Google Looker Studio and BigQuery
  • Technical Support by experienced App & Data professionals
  • Ready-to-use templates built by app industry experts
  • 30-day money-back guarantee