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Data Source

Connect your Apple Developer Account and automatically import all your app's data to Data Studio.

With Easy App Reports you can sync all your app's data into Data Studio, giving you the ability to explore your data in any way you want.

Here's what exactly you'll be able to visualize data from both Analytics and Sales and Trends report so you get a clear crystal view on your app's most important KPIs.

Explore the "Metrics and Dimensions" tab to see the full list of fields available to you.

We offer data from both Apple's official API - Sales and Trends report - and our Chrome Extension, which fetches data from the Analytics report.

👇 Analytics (Chrome Extension) - NEW 🎉

The Analytics report contains data about your app's performance on the App Store, such as Impressions, Product Page Views and Conversion Rates, making it the most loved source of truth for ASO and UA professionals out there.

It also contains data on Sessions, Active Devices and Crashes making it useful for Product Manager and retention-oriented Marketing folks who wants to know how their product is performing.


• Impressions
• Product Page Views
• Conversion Rate
• Installs
• Uninstalls
• Updates
• Sessions
• Active Devices
• Crashes


• Date
• App Name
• Page Type: Product Page, Store Sheet or No Page
• Source: App Store Browse, App Referred, App Store Search, Web Referrer, Event Notification, or Institutional Purchase

Coming soon: • Region  • Territory  • Device  • Campaign  • Referrer 

👇 Sales and Trends

This Apple's default report, which contains granular information on your Units: that being Installs, Updates, Re-downloads but also In-App purchases.

This is your go-to report if you're looking for a crystal clear view on your revenue, for example. If you happen to sell subscriptions, this is also the report that offers you information on your renewable vs new sales, as well as a breakdown per period (weekly, monthly, etc) and country so you see how's your app performing in the different markets you're in.


  • Title
  • Country
  • Category
  • Version
  • Device: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod touch, or Desktop
  • Category
  • Developer
  • Subscription: auto-renewable, new, or renewal
  • Period: 7 days, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year
  • Order Type: Pay Up Front or Pay As You Go
  • Parent Identifier
  • Promo Code
  • Customer Currency
  • Client: App Store for iMessage, News, or blank
  • Currency
  • CMB


  • Units: In-App Purchases, Updates, or Re-downloads
  • Developer Proceeds
  • Customer Price