Contains all your app's reviews, as well as your developer replies. Drill down per language, device, country, and more.

Fields included in this report

Developer Reply Date and Time
Review Last Update Date and Time
Review Title
The review title.
Star Rating
Average star rating of the app.ㅤ
Reviewer Language
Review Text
The review body
Review Submit Date
Review Submit Epoch
Date in which the review was submitted since epoch
Review Link<...>#ReviewPlace:id=<..>
Review Last Update Epoch
Date in which the review was last updated since epoch
Package Name
App Version Name
Name of the app version for which the reviews were received.
Developer Reply Text
Text of the developer's reply to the review.
Developer Reply Epoch
Time in milliseconds since the epoch when the developer reply was sent.
App Version Code
Production APKs only

Dimension Values Glossary

This report doesn't contain any special dimension values. If you believe this is a mistake, please 
report it.

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