List of all the Reviews your app received, inclusing its Title, Body and Star Rating. Doesn't include star ratings without written reviews.

About the Reviews report

It contains data on all your app's Reviews since it was first published. It's ideal for people who want their customer's feedback alongside their data. This report doesn't include ratings with no written text (reviews), as Apple, unfortunately, doesn't provide that information on their API yet.

Comparing it to App Store Connect Reviews

  1. On App Store Connect, go to Apps and then select your app
  2. Now open the “Ratings and Reviews” tab on the left side and select “All Countries or Regions”
  3. Check how many Reviews you have on the right side

Fields included in this report

Review Title
Title of the review
Reviewer Nickname
The nickname of the reviewer
The rating of the review
Review Body
Body of the review
Created Date
Date and time of when the review was posted
Adam ID
Your app's unique numeric ID
App Name
Your app's name

Dimension Values Glossary

This report doesn't contain any special dimension values. If you believe this is a mistake, please 
report it.

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