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Easy App Reports 2.0: the app industry's favorite data hub
Some features already available. Full Release in 2023.

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Google Sheets, Big Query, and Looker Studio

Unlock true data ownership with our new Destinations

Paid UA sources

Full visibility on your
acquisition funnel from A to Z.

Connect multiple developer accounts

Plug-in as many developer accounts as you need

Enhanced security

Improved UX w/ better UI, plus team and billing management

Well, sooner than
you'd expect.

Instead of waiting, we're launching our new features and reports as they're ready.

We involve our customers in the fine-tuning process to make sure the final product delivers on its promise.

Live & Ready

  • Invite teammates. Self-service subscription management
  • 15 metrics and dimensions added: iOS Reviews, iOS Analytics per Country, Product Pages, and App Version & Android Installs per App Version
  • Onboarding Wizard, Connector Status Page and new UI

Testing & Development

  • BigQuery as a Destination
  • Meta (Facebook) Ads Connector

Coming Next

  • Connect Multiple Developer Accounts
  • Apple Search Ads and Google Ads Connector

Your data
working for you,
not against you.


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