Google BigQuery

Coming Soon

Access all your app stores' data directly from Google BigQuery. Coming soon in early 2022.

BigQuery is our next data destination which will be publicly launched on early 2022.

About (excerpt from Google Cloud)

It is a fully managed enterprise data warehouse that helps you manage and analyze your data with built-in features like machine learning, geospatial analysis, and business intelligence. BigQuery's serverless architecture lets you use SQL queries to answer your organization's biggest questions with zero infrastructure management. BigQuery's scalable, distributed analysis engine lets you query terabytes in seconds and petabytes in minutes.

It maximizes flexibility by separating the compute engine that analyzes your data from your storage choices. You can store and analyze your data within BigQuery or use BigQuery to assess your data where it lives. Federated queries let you read data from external sources while streaming supports continuous data updates. Powerful tools like BigQuery ML and BI Engine let you analyze and understand that data.