Full Time

Executive Assistant (closed)

Hey there 👋

It's great to see you here. Before telling you about this position, let's start with some context around our company:

About our Platform

Easy App Reports helps app companies to track and measure their growth by making it easy to connect App Stores and Marketing data in a single dashboard. In essence we're a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform.

The idea came from our founder - Rômulo Gomes - as he needed as tool like that to build reports and dashboards for multiple clients. Back then, you'd have to export data manually from multiple CSVs and combine it into a massive sheet to build a simple chart. And then you'd have to repeat it all again.

Well, not anymore.

EAR was launched in May 2021 and was an instant hit. As of February 2024, EAR have over 300+ customers from 34 countries. It is also the first product by our company, Beyond Analytics. Have a look at our website and LinkedIn to see we've been up to.

We also do services

Besides Easy App Reports, at Beyond Analytics we also take very ocasional Consulting and Key-in-Hand projects on Martech, Analytics, and Growth.

We have large clients and we help with specific problems that few companies in the world have the expertise to execute on. That's usually complex Growth Diagnosis problems, Customer Journey Mapping, and Implementing Tracking in our client's products.

An "Executive Assistant"?

We decided to label this position as an Executive Assistant as you'd be working very closely with our CEO on a multiple projects so it's hard to boil it down to something more specific.

Still, this contains ingredient from Marketing Operations, Customer Success, and even Product Marketing. In this position you'll find yourself deeply involved with our Product and Consulting parts of the business. If the title matters to you, we'd be happy to accommodate your request as long as it doesn't deviate too much from the essence of the job.

What are we excited about lately?

These days we're focused on spreading the news about Easy App Reports as we're confident our product is finally ready to scale. In parallel, we're also planning to launch a new SasS platform, as well as expanding our services operation. Putting shortly, it's all about growing our offerings via Marketing and Product-led growth.

About the role

We're looking for someone who

  • Writes extremely well;
  • Have solid English skills. You'll join calls (mostly as a listener) in calls with foreign clients constantly and write emails and content for a worldwide audience. Your speaking doesn't have to be perfect and it's okay to have an accent, of course;
  • You're tech-savvy by nature. You love experimenting with new tools and platforms that make your life easier and more enjoyable in general;
  • Feel excited about doing things you've never done before for the first time. Ideally you have a track-record of hobbies and projects where you had to learned things yourself;
  • Be able to constantly set the bar high and have a great eye for aesthetics;
  • You're punctual and well-organized.

Some of the activities you'd do if you chose to join us

  • Own our founder's calendar and inboxes;
  • Marketing-related projects such as running surveys, updating/improving our website, project-manage agencies and freelancers, etc.
  • Book meetings, take notes, and send memos to our clients;
  • Account Management: follow-up with our Easy App Reports customers to help them onboard, activate and keep engaged with our platform;
  • Transform our deliverables into bit-sized stories and learnings to share on Social Media as well as collecting success stories and testimonials for our marketing colateral;
  • Write and schedule posts in our blogs and social media;
  • Run key research projects to advance new products and offerings to our customers;
  • Send newsletters and email marketing;
  • Help managing our relationship with consulting clients, partners, and affiliates;
  • Ad hoc administrative tasks;
  • Collect quotes for multiple initiatives, from merchandising to freelancers.

Tools and Platforms you’d use

  • Canva for simple design tasks
  • Slack to keep in touch with the team
  • Notion to manage projects and tasks
  • Social Media, mostly LinkedIn and YouTube
  • Webflow is our go-to option to build our blogs and websites
  • Loom to document tasks and processes, avoiding unnecessary meetings
  • Intercom to send emails and newsletters and interact with our customers
  • AI tools (ChatGPT, Descript) to help you write, brainstorm, and ship faster

Pay & Benefits

Base pay

  • 36 hours/week: ----BRL per month
  • 24 hours/week: ----BRL per month
  • Contract Type: Contractor agreement


  • Share of the company's yearly profits
  • Full Remote with Flexible Hours
  • 3-day yearly company retreat in a cool place with your colleagues
  • Keep your equipment (computer and accessories) on your 3rd anniversary with us
  • Optional: Weekly Business English classes

How to apply

Upload a three-minute (maximum) video of yourself answering these questions:

  1. Why are you interested in this position?
  2. What is your ideal work environment?
  3. What are your strengths?
  4. Where do you see yourself in five years?

And send the link to us via our contact page. We'll reply within a day to book an interview with you.

The Process

  1. A long (2 to 3 hours) screening interview. We'll ask for 3 recommendations, be ready
  2. Challenge, asynchronous, 3-6 hours, nonpaid
  3. Video call where I answer any questions you have and we talk specific compensation and the role and what you're excited about so you can hit your trial period running
  4. 1-2 week trial phase working part-time (20 hours), paid

Once we both feel confident there’s a fit, we formalize a contract and get started.