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Flex Time

Part-time Marketing Engineer (closed)

Easy App Reports was built by the co-founders Luis Specian (Tech) and Rômulo Gomes (Marketing) on their spare time. Soon they reached hundreds of people across the globe, attracting clients form the US, Brazil, China, Italy and others. Now that their MVP proved to be successful Easy App Reports is opening up to new people looking for a challenge.

At this stage. we're especially excited about attracting new customers by adding new data sources and connectors and creating a flawless onboarding experience for our clients.

What's Easy App Reports?

We help people working in the app industry to visualize their app stores data and unlock the hidden in it. By allowing our customer's connect their Google Play and App Store accounts to Google Data Studio, we allow them to visualize their data without the hassle of manually importing CSVs.

To learn more, we recommend reviewing our website and wiki.

How we work

  • We review our priorities every ~2 weeks and then product-manage ourselves to deliver it
  • Discord and Notion are used to share updates and ask each other questions
  • At least 95% of the work is done asynchronously. Good writing is our ally against unnecessary meetings
  • We're self-motivated and growth-oriented people

If you believe that what you just read makes sense then working with us might be a great fit for you. Also, we believe this is a great opportunity to help shaping future founders.

The Process

  1. Challenge, asynchronous, 2-6 hours, nonpaid
  2. Video call where I answer any questions you have and we talk specific compensation and the role and what you're excited about so you can hit your trial period running
  3. Trial phase working 8-10 hours a week, paid

Once we feel confident there’s a fit (4-8 weeks), we formalize via an ongoing contract and you can increase (or decrease) your hours flexibly.

Marketing Engineer Role

  • Stack: Google Data Studio, Intercom, Google Analytics, Intercom and Webflow
  • Responsibilities:
  • Launch new Data Studio templates and documentation (50%)
  • Build nurturing flows and onboarding content (30%)
  • Ad hoc Growth Marketing projects (20%)
  • Rate: $30/hour to start, +$10/hour after 6 months
  • 4-5 years of experience is recommended, but not required. The most important part is a strong body of in-production work!

How to apply

Given what you read on this page: include how you'll measure success and what you'd do in week one, month one and quarter one via our contact page. You can use this thread as inspiration.