Full Time

Fullstack JavaScript Developer

What's Easy App Reports (EAR)?

We help app companies to track and measure their growth by making it easy to connect App Stores and Marketing data in a single dashboard.

As of February 2024, EAR have over 300+ customers in 34 countries. EAR is the first product by our company, Beyond Analytics. Have a look at our website and LinkedIn to have an idea of what we've been up to.

What are we excited about lately?

These days we're focused on continuing adding new integrations to our product, making it easier for our customers to get the insights they need, and launching new products (SaaS and App).

How we work

  • We review our priorities every ~4-6 weeks and then product-manage ourselves to deliver it
  • We ship small upgrades almost daily. New features come ~1-2x/month. We move fast.
  • Once a new feature is ready we sit together to test and document it before the release, which can be phased or not, depending on the complexity
  • Slack, Notion, Loom, and the Google Suite are our main communication, planning, and organization tools
  • 95% of the work is done asynchronously

What’s like working with us

  • Eat our own dog food
  • We're built to last, not to sell
  • The job isn't done until the job is done
  • How you do anything is how you do everything

The Stack

  • Main: Node.js, Express.js, AppScript, Pug, and MongoDB [must know]
  • Server & Infrastructure: Hetzner, Kubernets, Terraform, and Helm [nice if you know or if you're willing to learn it]

The Process

  1. Screening interview. We'll ask for 3 recommendations, be ready.
  2. Challenge, asynchronous, 2-6 hours, nonpaid
  3. Video call where I answer any questions you have and we talk specific compensation and the role and what you're excited about so you can hit your trial period running
  4. 1-2 week trial phase working part-time (20 hours), paid

Once we both feel confident there’s a fit, we formalize via an ongoing contract.

Fullstack Javascript Developer Role


  • Launching integrations and new features (60%)
  • User experience improvements (35%)
  • Server upgrades and maintenance (<5%)
  • 3 years+ of experience is recommended, but the most important part is a strong body of in-production work


  • R$ 6.000/month to start
  • R$ 6.600/month after 2 months
  • Yearly inflation adjustment + salary increase

Bonus payout for 2023 (revised yearly)

  • Elegible after 2 months
  • 10% of our Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) for each $1,000 added
  • $1,000 once we get to $10,000 MRR
  • $1,100 once we get to $11,000 MRR
  • and so on


  • Elegible after 9-12 months upon performance evaluation
  • 0.6% to 1.2% on a 4-year vesting deal

How to apply

Get in touch via our contact page. You can use this thread as inspiration on how to approach us.