Activating the App Store Essentials Template

Here's how to make get your copy of the App Store Essentials template so you can make it your own.

January 3, 2024
 min read

Hey, App Bakers! In this video I show you how to activate the App Store Essentials template. I hope it helps you get up to speed faster with our templates. Have fun!


0:00 So here's how to activate your App Store essentials template. This is really the foundational template that we offer and after you understand how to do this, it's going to be much easier for you to activate all the other templates that we have.

0:15 So, the first thing that we're going to do is that we're going to hand towards Looker Studio and then we're going to create a data source, let's find easier reports, then we're going to go with f star connect of course.

0:36 And what you have to do here is have to have to pick a report. I'm going to choose trends because if you come here and then you go to the instructions, you are going to see that this is the required report for this template in specific only this one right so that's why I'm creating it so I picked trends

1:00 now by the way I'm going to rename this personally I always start with a for apple or g for group play and then I just put the name of the report in this case trends let's connect okay great so now are already connected we have our name here we can see all the fields great so you can just go to our

1:24 website, go to the template section, then add star essentials, and then you're going to open this or look our studio.

1:38 Okay, so this is the template, you have two pages here, one with your installs, and then another one with your sales information so it can purchase as basically.

1:50 I can edit this because I'm the owner of the template, probably if you're trying to do the same, you can't.

1:56 So, here's what you have to do. Now, really, this is what you see. So, you have to click on the menu and then make a copy.

2:06 Right? And then, from here, you can just pick the new data source. In your case, and by the way, I can show you an example, when you click on make a copy, this is what you're going to see.

2:17 That's because I'm the owner of the template, not you. So, therefore, you can see that the underlying data sources that are present on the template.

2:28 So really that's why we have the screenshots because then now you can see okay I should put the trends report here right so that's what we're going to do.

2:37 So just make a copy, it's already selected but in your case it's not going to be, you just have to come here, look for trends, you're going to find the source, click copy and there I have it.

2:52 Now it is going to load, it's going to take a few seconds of course. My recommendation by the way is as soon as we duplicate you if it your own name, right?

3:07 You can also remove the instructions because you don't need it anymore, you already duplicate it, and then you can just start using.

3:16 And the nice thing about duplicating a template is that now you can click on the charts, you can change the colors maybe we want to remove our logo of course and under our own change the phone change the sides anyway really whatever you want okay so I hope this was useful if I have any questions let

3:38 us know and be super happy to help and see you next time bye bye

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