Rômulo Gomes

Founder CEO at Easy App Reports

🧑💻 13 years in the Internet Industry, more than half of it dedicated to Apps.

💡 Specialities: B2B SaaS, Apps, and Marketplaces.

✨ Zone of Genius: Solving problems through Martech and Product Marketing; Diagnosing growth problems; Running CRO experiments; Modeling growth loops; Building things from scratch.

🧑🏻🏫 Instructor Experience: App Store Optimzation (self-published, 2022), Product Growth (PM3, 2021), Google Analytics & Tag Manager (in-company, 2020), Mastertech's Growth Hacking (Mastertech, 2019), and Mobile Growth (Gama Academy, 2017).

💪 Entrepreneurial background: worked on the family biz as a kid, played the agency game a couple of times and built two B2B SaaS (on ASO and Analytics).

🌎 Nationalities: 🇵🇹 Portuguese and 🇧🇷 Brazilian.

💛 Interests: Gaming (Simulation, Racing and RPG), Racing, Horror Movies, and Psychology.

💍 Husband and proud father of two

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Soft launch & Timeline: App Store Analytics

Discovery & Engagement is here, but there's more coming.

App Industry News

Get ready for the new App Store Analytics API

The integration that will unlock 100+ KPIs for anyone trying to be successful in the app industry.

App Industry News

5 interesting things you might have missed from our new template

We dropped a new Magic Template which has a ton of new visualizations, filters, and other improvements to make them more flexible and easier to use.

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Track your App Download Targets with Looker Studio and Easy App Reports

Unveiling App Insights: Tracking Download Targets with Looker Studio and Easy App Reports

Data Visualization

Exploring Apple's Latest Update: Now with App Store Connect API 3.4!

Unlocking the Power: App Store Connect API 3.4! Journey into Apple's Latest Update

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Exciting changes coming to the App Store API

Apple announced the upcoming launch of 50 new reports as well as a new version of it's API.

App Industry News

Everything we shipped in 2023 - and a sneak peek into our product vision

Easy App Reports v1 took us from zero to one. Now v2 is here, but what's next?

Our Journey

10 Ways to Unveil Growth Opportunities from Your Google Play Data

Join us as we journey through ten real-world scenarios where Google Play data, powered by 'Easy App Reports', turned the tables for app developers.

What's the Difference Between Ratings and Reviews?

Two feedback mechanisms are Ratings and Reviews. At first glance, they might seem interchangeable, but they serve different purposes.

10 ways to unveil growth opportunities from your App Store data

Apple’s App store data is the compass that guides app developers and marketers through the challenge of App growth. Here's 10 possible insights:

The Most Overlooked Tool for App Marketers

The value proposition of Easy App Reports is multifaceted, providing depth and breadth in App analytics that few tools can match.

5 KPIs to Monitor Your App's Health with Easy App Reports

Easy App Reports shines turning complex data from App Stores into actionable insights. But what does that data mean? Dive into 5 essential metrics.

How App Companies Can Find Growth Ideas from Their Stores' Data

App companies have a lot of data thanks to the various KPIs provided by app stores. Analyzing these metrics generates powerful insights.

Google Play to Looker Studio Integration Guide: Mastering Data Dashboards

If you're querying the integration between Google Play and Looker Studio, the answer is an emphatic yes!

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Is it Possible to Export Data from the App Store Analytics Report to Looker Studio?

Can the data from the App Store Analytics report be transferred seamlessly to Looker Studio? With Easy App Reports, yes.

How to Build a Dashboard for Your App that Refreshes Automatically

This void often made data extraction a tedious and complicated task. Enter the world of Easy App Reports.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Activating the App Store Essentials Template

Here's how to make get your copy of the App Store Essentials template so you can make it your own.

Data Visualization

How to Integrate Your App Store Data into Looker Studio with the Easy App Reports Connector

In this article, we'll explore how you can use Easy App Report's connector to integrate your App Store data into Looker Studio.

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3 metrics to master your app’s subscriptions

If you’re used to looking at new subscriptions to measure your growth but can’t seem to understand the forces at play around it, read this.


Picking keywords to remove

Learn the principles for analyzing your ranking, and how to apply them on your next ASO round, and download two free templates to help you with that.

App Store Optimization (ASO)