Apple benchmark report, Improving ROAS and Retention, and more!

Why you should care about Apple Search Ads, targeting returning users, top 20 global mobile apps, and a podcast about monetization strategies.

January 3, 2024
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Great news! Apple has launched its new Benchmark report on App Store Connect. Now you can understand how's your app performing compared to other players in your category and overall in key metrics. We recommend that you give it a look at this and learn what you can do to improve your app. There are plenty of options to focus on such as conversion rate, proceeds per paying user, crash rate, user retention, and more!

πŸ”Ž Apple Search Ads is now the second-largest network for user acquisition on iOS

As stated in the Singular ROI Index 2023, Apple Search Ads has become the second most significant network for gaining new users on iOS, surpassing platforms that rely on SKAdNetwork analytics. However, smaller networks associated with Google and Meta are also expanding.

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🎯 Improving ROAS and Retention through Targeting Returning Users

In the current fiercely competitive mobile app industry, enhancing Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) and increasing retention rate is crucial for app developers and marketers. To achieve this, a valuable approach is to concentrate on engaging users who have previously downloaded the app but are no longer active. This article will provide top recommendations for conducting performance marketing campaigns with this objective in mind.

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πŸ† Top 20 global mobile apps

SocialPeta utilized its App Intelligence and other tools to categorize the leading 20 non-gaming mobile applications based on advertising, revenue, and downloads in January 2023. The aim is to assist those in the mobile app industry comprehend the evolving trends in the global mobile market.

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🎧 Podcast: Creating the best monetization strategies for free apps with Andriy Sambir, CEO of LinkUp Studio

When contemplating the internet, words such as essential, cross-cultural, crucial for governance, and free may come to mind. Despite the fact that we now pay for numerous online services, primarily through subscriptions, mobile applications constitute a significant portion of this expense.

However, there is also a free aspect to the internet. But what does it mean to say something is free? How do you generate revenue from a free mobile application? There are numerous business models available, but how do you determine which one is appropriate for your free app? In this podcast, Andriy will discuss how to develop the optimal monetization strategy for your free app.

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