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How to Integrate Your App Store Data into Looker Studio with the Easy App Reports Connector

In this article, we'll explore how you can use Easy App Report's connector to integrate your App Store data into Looker Studio.

Rômulo Gomes
App bakers

How To Get Your First 1,000 Users, 9 Tips for Maximizing Mobile App Engagement, and more!

Sometimes, being scrappy with data is alright, use ChatGPT to enhance your customer engagement strategy, get your first 1,000 users and more.

App bakers

Simple ASO Strategy, Tips for Maximizing Mobile App Engagement and more!

ASO Strategy, maximizing mobile app engagement, developers struggle with time constraints in app innovation, and more.

App bakers

ASO keyword insights, how to scale user acquisition in 2023 and more!

Download or installation, scale user acquisition in 2023, users delete apps because they never use them and ASO keyword insights

App bakers

New ad slot in Play Store, App Growth Strategy, Brand Safety is Key for 67% of Mobile Brand Advertisers, and more!

Creating a winning iOS app growth strategy, new ad slot in Play Store search, and the growing importance of privacy, transparency, and sustainability.

App bakers

The #1 Capital Sin that is Costing your App so Many Downloads, Guide to App Store Screenshots, and more!

The #1 capital sin that is costing your app so many downloads, guide to app store screenshots, and how mobile app developers can boost brand revenue.

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