New ad slot in Play Store, App Growth Strategy, Brand Safety is Key for 67% of Mobile Brand Advertisers, and more!

Creating a winning iOS app growth strategy, new ad slot in Play Store search, and the growing importance of privacy, transparency, and sustainability.

January 3, 2024
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Happy Wednesday!

This week’s wrap: 90% of mobile games are not in compliance with privacy regulations, influencer marketing: performance payment models gaining traction, and TikTok's Downloads dropped 38% in the US this year.

Google Plays around with new ad slot in Play Store search

As the May date for Google's annual I/O developer conference approaches, the company is currently experimenting with a fresh advertisement placement on the Play Store.

This new ad slot has the potential to broaden Google's search ads enterprise, granting developers the opportunity to promote their apps in prominent and valuable locations.

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Creating a winning iOS app growth strategy with SKAN 4.0

Following the introduction of SKAdNetwork (SKAN) 4.0, Apple's privacy-centric attribution framework for iOS, the app performance ecosystem quickly collaborated to assess and implement its updated capabilities. Initial findings indicate significant potential.

During a recent webinar, industry experts Sara Camden from InMobi, Eran Friedman from Singular, and Adrienne Rice from M&C Saatchi Performance discussed their insights and experiences in formulating effective strategies for iOS app expansion using SKAN. The webinar covered a range of topics, including:

  • How app growth marketers can get a fast start with SKAN 4.0
  • How to develop a refreshed approach to conversion value mapping
  • How to cut through the noise and understand how these changes impact your app’s growth in a meaningful way

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Brand safety is key for 67% of mobile brand advertisers

With the growing importance of privacy, transparency, and sustainability in consumer purchasing choices, it has become crucial for brands to prioritize these factors in their marketing approaches.

According to a recent survey conducted by IAB Europe, 67% of digital advertisers now recognize brand safety as a significant concern in mobile and app marketing. This highlights the increasing need for brands to address these priorities in order to meet consumer expectations and maintain a positive brand image.

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About drilling holes with a hammer

by: Rômulo Gomes, Founder CEO @ Easy App Reports

We’ve all seen this happening at our companies.

Money is poured into acquisition when we have retention problems.

We place all our bets on recovering unhappy users beyond repair when we should improve our UX and customer support so history doesn’t repeat itself.

Deep down, we know that the right thing would be to figure out the root causes of the problem. Still, who would have the guts to debate with the CEO that our acquisition problem is a retention problem?

And it's more complicated than that because it doesn't seem like too much of a problem at first. People know that if they hammer a wall hard enough, a hole will be open anyway. So why not just do that? It just seems practical.

So we open a big, messy, ugly, not-so-useful hole, and the target is achieved.

Everybody’s got their bonus. Shareholders are happy. Everything looks great - except we've all hooked on lousy behavior now.

Then next year arrives, and a new, ambitious target is set.

"Because we were so successful last year, we can deliver twice as many holes this year."

So the work starts.

We start to see cracks here and there, then everywhere. We being to wonder how long can we continue before our wall gets so damaged to the point where it becomes useless.

Doesn't matter, it's past half-year already. We don't have the data or research budget to find a better pathway now. We can't afford to stop. It's literally hammer time.

An infinite loop of stale growth has started. At some point, negative compounding effects will start to kick in.

But it can still be saved. If we could only admit we've been wrong all this time. If only we could have the headspace to learn about the marvels of drilling machines, this could all be different.

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