Simple ASO Strategy, Tips for Maximizing Mobile App Engagement and more!

ASO Strategy, maximizing mobile app engagement, developers struggle with time constraints in app innovation, and more.

January 3, 2024
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Happy Wednesday!

This week’s wrap: May was Snapchat's biggest month of revenue growth (and revenue), CapCut's revenue growth is outpacing every other competitor and Paramount+ continues to chase Peacock - both hit all-time revenue highs.

Popular Doesn't Mean Impossible (Simple ASO Strategy)

Have you ever observed the search results in the App Store and pondered the factors determining their rankings? This series of Keyword Teardowns delve into the workings of the algorithm and present useful insights and techniques to enhance your chances of achieving a higher rank.

This article was written by Ariel Michaeli, one of our favorite sources of ASO, so you do not want to miss it!

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A key question to ask during a Growth Diagnosis process

by: Rômulo Gomes, Founder CEO @ Easy App Reports

If you're in a leadership role and struggle to get big ideas from your team, I recommend you try this approach and observe what happens (if you do and wanna share your story, please send us an e-mail).

Just be aware you have to GENUINELY want to hear the answer and be willing to dig as deep as possible. The question is:

“What's the thing you believe we should be doing that we're not doing?”

I love this question for two simple reasons:

1: People on the front lines (analysts, assistants, coordinators) have great clues on the problems and potential solutions. But they're either unsure how to prove it or feel reluctant to bring it to the leadership.

On the other hand, companies hire me to help them figure out where the problem is and what to do about it asap. Interestingly, they always have at least 50% - or more - of the answer.

This question helps me unveil what that is exactly.

2: It helps me understand the gap between what each person on the team judges as the most important thing we lack (as well as putting my own judgment in perspective).

Usually, there are significant differences between the answers from Marketing, Product, and Sales teams. Sometimes they say the same things using different words, which is a great sign they're aligned.

I don't take the answers as gospel, of course. Instead, it serves as a compass for me to understand if I'm heading in the right direction.

With the answers, you can now investigate further and bring the answers for debate before choosing in which baskets you'll put your eggs.

9 Tips for Maximizing Mobile App Engagement

In today's world, mobile apps have become an integral part of our daily lives, providing us with convenience, entertainment, and valuable services. However, creating a mobile app is just the beginning; it's crucial to ensure that users not only download the app but also actively engage with it. This article will explore effective tactics and advice for boosting mobile app engagement, enabling you to develop a successful and thriving app, such as:

  • Why is mobile app engagement important
  • How can you increase mobile app engagement?
  • How to improve app ratings
  • Maximize app success with user feedback and competitor insights
  • How to measure mobile app engagement

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70% of app developers struggle with time constraints in app innovation

An astonishing 70% of app developers express dissatisfaction with the limited time their engineering teams have for fostering innovation. In an industry that highly values groundbreaking ideas and forward-thinking solutions, this notable discontentment represents a significant obstacle for professionals involved in application development.

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