ChatGPT + App Marketing, Incrementality, Tips for getting featured, and more!

Learn about chatGPT, get tips to feature your app on App Store, how to achieve campaign success using testing, and how to apply data-driven approach.

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Did you know that it is the Carnival holiday in Brazil? If you are from Brazil, we hope you are enjoying it. If you are not, well, at least you got some fresh news to read right now:

πŸ€– How to use ChatGPT to market your app [50+ prompts]

Being interested is part of what we do as marketers. maintaining relevance.

This entails investigating novel technologies, comprehending how they may affect us, and applying them to our daily activities.

Whether you like it or not, ChatGPT will alter the way we approach marketing. First slowly, but there are countless opportunities, and learning and invention are progressing at an accelerated rate.

You and your team might potentially save tens of thousands of hours using this technique. Yet, you must be aware of its purpose and use. It doesn't replace critical thinking or creativity, for example, but it works wonders for accelerating the ideation and creative processes and providing you with fresh perspectives.

Technology utilizing artificial intelligence is not a gimmick. It will remain. So if you haven't looked at how to use Chat GPT, do do right away.

Check out the various ways you can use ChatGPT to promote your app (plus tons of prompts to give you a head start).

πŸ“± 22 Tips for getting your app featured on iOS App Store

Obtaining a spot on Apple's App Store's home page is comparable to purchasing a beachfront home with electric gates and bathrooms in each bedroom. Most app teams hope to get their app featured because it is prime real estate.

However, there is no assurance that, even if you put in the effort, you will be featured in the App Store, similar to SEO. Like SEO, the future benefits are enough to make the time spent creating a solid proposition worthwhile.

Considering this, we want to share this article to get 22 tips on how to get your app featured on iOS App Store.

πŸ† Incrementality testing: A measurement system for campaign success

Correlation doesn't necessarily indicate causality. Most marketers have had to learn that expression the hard way.

Before a conversion happens in a complicated digital ecosystem, a prospect is exposed to numerous channels. App marketers have the right to wonder: "Would the new users have downloaded our app even if there had been no ad exposure?"

Marketers can evaluate the impact of their advertising campaigns and distribution channels by using incrementality testing or uplift assessment. This article examines incrementality testing's necessity and initial steps.

🎯 Applying a Data-Driven Approach to ASO Seasonality

Long-term planning for ASO efforts requires utilizing seasonality and recognizing the times of the year when your app receives more (or less) attention. This article goes over some fundamentals of ASO seasonality, such as importance, match seasonalities, data points to analyze, getting your app ready, and how you may benefit from it.


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