How to automate your app's weekly and monthly reports: streamlining your reporting process with Looker Studio and Easy App Reports

Utilizing Easy App Reports for initial setup and Looker Studio for ongoing automation allows you to maintain a hands-off reporting process.

November 17, 2023
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In the fast-paced world of app development, staying on top of your performance metrics is critical. Regular reporting can often become a time-consuming task, but thanks to Looker Studio's email delivery feature, there's a way to automate this essential process. By combining Looker Studio’s capabilities with the seamless data integration of Easy App Reports, you can ensure that your team stays informed with the latest data without the manual hassle.

Set up your reports with ease

Before you can automate your reports, they need to be set up accurately to reflect the metrics that matter most to your app's success. This is where Easy App Reports shines, offering a user-friendly interface to create comprehensive reports tailored to your needs. Once your reports are ready, scheduling automated emails through Looker Studio is a breeze.

The value of automated reporting

The beauty of automated reporting is not just in saving time but also in maintaining a consistent pulse on your app's performance. With Easy App Reports, the initial report setup is intuitive, ensuring that your data is correctly captured and represented. Looker Studio's scheduling then takes over, sending out updates at your chosen frequency. This combination of tools means you can "set and forget" your reports, knowing that the right people will receive the right information at the right time.

How to schedule reports in Looker Studio

With your report ready, thanks to Easy App Reports, follow these simple steps in Looker Studio to automate your email delivery:

  • Access sharing options: In your Looker Studio report, click the 'Share' button and find the 'Schedule email delivery' option.
  • Add recipients: Enter the email addresses of all stakeholders who need to receive the report.

  • Craft your message: Write a concise, informative email that communicates the key points of the report.

  • Select report pages: Choose which pages of your report to include. If you’re using Easy App Reports, every page will be filled with relevant data, ready for distribution.
  • Determine frequency: Decide how often you want the report to be sent out. With Easy App Reports, you'll be confident that the data being sent is always current and accurate.

Integration benefits

When you integrate Easy App Reports with Looker Studio’s scheduling feature, you're not only making your life easier but also enhancing the decision-making process and the discovery of new growth ideas. Your team or stakeholders can receive timely, insightful reports that lead to proactive, data-driven decisions.


Automating your app's weekly and monthly reports doesn't just save time; it ensures consistency in data communication and facilitates a culture of informed decision-making. Utilizing Easy App Reports for initial setup and Looker Studio for ongoing automation allows you to maintain a hands-off reporting process that keeps everyone informed with minimal effort. Embrace the power of automation and let these tools do the heavy lifting for you.

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