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The second edition of App Bakers.

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Happy Tuesday,

It’s half of February, and the second edition of freshly baked insights in your inbox. How does this sound? We hope good because that’s our slogan from now on. 

That’s enough chitchatting. Let’s dive in on what we are here for: 

🛑 Why you should never slow down your user acquisition campaigns

It can be tempting to slow down your user acquisition initiatives and take some time to rest on your laurels after a successful launch and company expansion, but this is the perfect opportunity to double down and extend your user acquisition activities.

Using your current trajectory as a springboard for future initiatives can be incredibly successful because success breeds success. User acquisition strategies are intended to regularly present your product to new groups of clients and increase your user base during a launch phase.

There is no better moment to draw attention to your brand than when it is increasing, and by implementing the "always on" strategy, you can make sure that your clientele is consistently growing. Even after attaining success, why is it crucial to continue these initiatives and have an "always on" strategy? Find out here.

✏ Maximizing your app’s potential with personalized marketing: The why, what, and how

We are fundamentally straightforward beings that only want to be seen and understood, as any marketer would attest. Indeed, even by businesses.

According to the most recent data, 63% of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from businesses that provide relevant recommendations. Because of this, personalized app marketing is now required, not optional.

Read the full article here to learn how you can also do this.

🎥 Best practices for mobile video ads

Anyone familiar with mobile advertising knows that creating video content with mobile formats in mind enhances both the user experience and the brand's primary KPIs. Ad exposure and interaction persist longer when the advertising experience is enhanced by device-specific formats, directly affecting effectiveness.

Read this blog post to see several best practices you can apply to your video advertising to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

🎧 Podcast: How to market apps via Influencers with Nadia Bubennikova, Head of agency at BuzzGuru

So, on a Monday morning, you're sitting at your desk sipping coffee when you realize that your app's user base isn't expanding as quickly as you had anticipated. That much is clear. I should try another channel. Hm….” At this moment, permit me to interrupt your thought process and tell you that influencer marketing is what you are now seeking. This is how you can spread the word about your software and get more people interested.

Nadia Bubennikova, Head of agency at BuzzGuru talked to Business of Apps about how to break down influencer marketing for you, covering topics like which apps work best, how to find the correct influencers, what to expect, and more. Listen to the full episode here

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