The impact of CX on retention, removing the right keywords on iOS, and more!

The first edition of App Bakers Newsletter is live.

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Hello, and welcome to our first edition of App Bakers. 🥐 We are so excited to have you here today with us at such an important moment. So let's get into it!

🚨 55% of customers will not return to app or mobile site delivering a poor experience

Almost two-thirds of consumers will leave an app or mobile shopping transaction if they face problems during the process. And according to a new survey from digital experience intelligence firm Fullstory, consumers are inclined to reward those who deliver it. Read the rest of the survey insights here to understand what exactly frustrates mobile shoppers.

🎧 Podcast: Improving Your App Subscription Funnels with Jeff Grang, Co-founder and CPO at Purchasely

Apple launched subscriptions on the app store back in February 2011. Today, when you think about what this business model powers apps, it's evident that it's way more than paying to stream media content monthly. It's about gaming, fitness & health, photography, education, and more.

Business of App talked with Jeff about how to sustain your app subscription business by improving your app subscription funnels, and you should definitely hear of it! You can hear this podcast by clicking here.

📱 8 Scanning app trends in 2023

Remember when scanning apps could only convert a photo of a document to PDF? But now we can edit, sign, merge, and split PDFs, add text, annotate, etc. A scanning app can fully replace a laptop now. All you need is a smartphone!

Along with that special scanning, modes are being created for the users' tasks, neural networks are enhancing document quality, the popularity of smart features is growing, apps are becoming more customizable, filters for document improvement are becoming even more diverse, ads are disappearing from scanning apps and users are invited to participate in product development.

To know more about what’s trending in 2023 scanning apps, you need to check the rest of this content here.

🧹 ASO: Picking the right keywords to remove

Most people think that the most difficult part of ASO is picking the right keywords. While that might be true for newly launched apps, mature apps have a different sort of problem: letting go on certain keywords can definitely be a much harder decision.

And that's a shame because there are lots of apps out there ranking outside the Top 5 or Top 10 for a given keyword, which basically drives low-to-no downloads. Meaning there's a lot of potential to replace those with keywords that can actually make a difference on your app's growth.

Easy App Report's founder Rômulo Gomes wrote a short and actionable article on this which you can read on our blog.

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