What's Looker Studio Pro - and should you buy it?

Here's everything you need to know about Looker Studio Pro and whether it's a wise investment for your business needs.

January 3, 2024
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The data analytics realm was abuzz with excitement when Looker announced the latest addition to its product line - the Looker Studio Pro. This newly minted offering promises a slew of enhanced features that target businesses and data analysts. But the pressing question remains - is it worth the upgrade? Here's everything you need to know about Looker Studio Pro and whether it's a wise investment for your business needs.

About Looker Studio Pro

At its core, Looker Studio Pro is a supercharged version of the standard Looker Studio. It builds on the already robust capabilities of Looker Studio, elevating them with added enterprise features and more comprehensive technical support.

Key Features:

Ownership Over Content

With Looker Studio Pro, the reports and data sources you generate are intrinsically tied to your organization, as opposed to being linked to individual users. This ensures continuity and uninterrupted access, even if the content creator parts ways with the company. What's more, linking your Looker Studio Pro content to a Google Cloud project offers added security, and administrators can control access seamlessly using IAM project-level permissions.

Team collaboration: 

The introduction of team workspaces facilitates scalable collaboration. These shared spaces enable Looker Studio Pro users to manage and disseminate Looker Studio content efficiently. Depending on the role assigned (Manager, Content Manager, or Contributor), members can access the content and manage permissions.

Streamlined report delivery: 

Keep all stakeholders in the loop with advanced report delivery options. With Looker Studio Pro, one can set up to 20 delivery schedules for a single report and even relay these reports via Google Chat.

Unleash data exploration: 

Sharing personal report links fosters a culture of democratic data exploration. Such links create a unique copy of your report, accessible solely to the link recipient. This ensures others can edit and delve into their report version without modifying the original.

Dedicated technical support: 

Looker Studio Pro customers can avail themselves of the responsive and scalable services of Google Cloud Customer Care. It's worth noting that this level of support is exclusive to Looker Studio Pro and doesn't extend to other premium Google Cloud services.

Should you upgrade?

Given the plethora of advanced features, is Looker Studio Pro the right fit for you? It might be, especially if:

  • Access control is crucial: If your business demands stringent access controls over reports and data sources, the enhanced permissions and content ownership of Looker Studio Pro can be a game-changer.

  • Human support is a must: For those who appreciate the assurance of human support, especially from Google's team, this upgrade is a boon.

  • On-the-Go data access: With a dedicated mobile app, accessing data on the move becomes a breeze, making it ideal for professionals always on the go.

In conclusion

Looker Studio Pro is an emblem of advanced data analytics and reporting, enabling users to delve deep into granular data points. However, the raw potential of Looker Studio Pro achieves its zenith when complemented by Easy App Reports.

For those diving into the vast ocean of app store data, Easy App Reports simplifies the process by providing uncomplicated, secure access to data from both major app stores, not just one. This dual-store access gives users a competitive edge, ensuring a comprehensive view of their app's performance across platforms. Furthermore, the seamless integration of Easy App Reports with Looker Studio is accentuated by strategic and intelligent templates designed for optimal data presentation.

In essence, it's a match made in data heaven: Looker's intricate analytics and Easy App Reports' user-centric, multi-platform insights. Together, they ensure not only visibility but also clarity, empowering businesses to thrive in the app ecosystem.

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