Hiring an ETL platform vs building in-house: The Ultimate Comparison

Should you invest in an established ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) platform, or should you venture into building an in-house solution?

January 3, 2024
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In the data-centric world of today, the importance of having access to actionable insights from app platforms is paramount. As businesses seek to tap into this reservoir of data, they face a critical decision: should they invest in an established ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) platform, or should they venture into building an in-house solution? At first glance, the latter might seem appealing, especially with a confident engineering team at the helm. But is it truly the best path forward?

The hidden costs and complexities of in-house development

  • Financial implications: The immediate consideration most overlook is the cost associated with in-house development. Hiring, retaining, and paying a developer can often amount to years' worth of subscription fees for a professional ETL tool. The math simply doesn't favor in-house development in the long run.
  • Ongoing maintenance: Software isn't a one-and-done deal. It demands regular updates, maintenance, and revisions. An in-house solution isn't just a one-time investment but requires constant attention and resources.

  • Underestimating complexity: At a cursory glance, some engineers might feel they can whip up a solution in a matter of weeks. However, building an ETL solution is often more intricate than it appears, with multiple layers of complexity that can extend development timelines indefinitely.

  • Partnership and integration hurdles: Accessing data directly from giants like Apple and Google isn't just a technical challenge. It often demands direct partnerships and negotiations, involving stakeholders from marketing, business, and tech teams. Such negotiations can be time-consuming, and there's no guarantee you'll actually be able to get your application approved.

Unfortunately, many companies fall into the trap of underestimating these challenges, usually spearheaded by an overconfident engineer who has skimmed through documentation and assumes a straightforward integration process.

Incorporating the perspective of the in-house development team adds yet another layer to this decision-making process. While the technical capability to build an ETL solution may reside within these teams, it's essential to recognize that their primary focus and commitment will always be towards developing and enhancing the core product offerings of the company. Consequently, even if they possess the skills to construct an in-house ETL tool, this diversion splits their focus, and as a secondary priority, the development and maintenance of such a tool will inevitably experience delays. This trade-off can result in missed opportunities and slower response times to market trends, affecting the business's competitive edge. Choosing a dedicated ETL platform like EAR not only conserves the development team's bandwidth for product innovation but also ensures that the business is equipped with robust, ready-to-deploy analytics capabilities right when they need them.

Easy App Reports - An efficient, ready-to-use solution

While the allure of crafting a tailored solution is enticing, ready-made solutions like Easy App Reports offer a compelling and efficient alternative. Easy App Reports is not just a tool—it's the culmination of years of expertise and evolution in the dynamic app market landscape. Opting for Easy App Reports grants businesses immediate access to a platform with established partnerships with major market players like Apple and Google

This bypasses the intricacies of partnership negotiations, enabling companies to focus on what truly matters: deriving and acting on insights from their data. Instead of reinventing the wheel and undertaking unnecessary risks, why not harness the benefits of a solution that's already esteemed in the industry?


The decision between hiring or building isn't one to be taken lightly. Yet, the challenges tied to in-house development are often underestimated, leading to unforeseen delays, costs, and subpar solutions. By choosing a specialized ETL platform like Easy App Reports, businesses can avail of a tried and tested solution, saving time, resources, and potential headaches. In the digital age, agility is paramount, and having the right tools can make all the difference.

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