5 Store Metrics for App Product Managers to Measure Stickiness

Here are five vital store metrics, accessible on both Google Play and Apple App Store, that app product managers should measure to evaluate stickiness

January 3, 2024
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In the ever-evolving realm of mobile apps, staying ahead in the market isn’t merely about creating an engaging app, but ensuring that it sticks with the users long term. This "stickiness" not only reflects the app’s ability to retain users but also to keep them engaged. In this regard, leveraging the right metrics is pivotal. Here are five vital store metrics, accessible on both Google Play and Apple App Store, that app product managers should delve into to measure and enhance their app's stickiness.

1. Downloads and Installs

The journey of measuring stickiness begins with tracking the number of downloads and installs. A higher number of installations suggests an initial appeal and possibly a solution to a user's need. However, the real challenge is to maintain this user base. Using a tool like Easy App Reports, that seamlessly integrates data from both stores, you can not only monitor the raw numbers but also analyze trends over time and the geographical distribution of installations, providing a comprehensive view of your app’s reach and appeal.

2. Active Devices

The metric of active devices over a specific period, say a month, provides insights into the consistent value your app offers. A growing number of active devices is a positive sign of user retention and engagement. With Easy App Reports' unified data streams, understanding the depth of user engagement across both platforms becomes a breeze, enabling you to gauge the effectiveness of your retention strategies.

3. In-App Purchases

In-app purchases are a direct indicator of user engagement and satisfaction. Analyzing the frequency and nature of in-app purchases can unveil user preferences and the perceived value of your app. Easy App Reports' tailored metrics for app marketers allow you to dive deep into user spending behavior, offering a panoramic view of revenue streams and potential revenue opportunities waiting to be tapped.

4. Uninstalls / Deletions

Monitoring the rate at which users uninstall your app is crucial as it can provide insights into potential issues or decreased relevance of your app. A spike in uninstalls might indicate problems with a recent update or emerging competition. Easy App Reports simplifies the process of tracking and analyzing this metric across both platforms, facilitating timely interventions to mitigate user loss.

5. Reviews and Ratings

User feedback in the form of reviews and ratings is invaluable. It provides direct insights into what users love or dislike about your app. Monitoring these metrics can help you address user concerns promptly and enhance overall app health. Easy App Reports' customizable template dashboards enable you to focus on these crucial metrics, ensuring that user feedback is always at the forefront of your enhancement strategies. If you are unsure about the differences between Ratings and Reviews, you can read our article on the subject. 

In conclusion, measuring stickiness goes beyond surface-level metrics. It requires a deep dive into user behavior and engagement patterns across both app stores. With a powerful tool like Easy App Reports at your disposal, accessing and deciphering these metrics becomes straightforward, empowering app product managers to make informed decisions, optimize strategies, and drive sustainable growth in the competitive app market.

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